Is it OK to ride the Hugene in bike parks?

    Our Hugene is classified as a category 4 bike and is therefore not approved for permanent use in bike parks. Occasional use in bike parks is not a problem as long as the category 4 bike restrictions are respected (jumps with a moderate height, avoid very high speeds and extremely rocky terrain).

    Category 4: For use in rough terrain and for jumps of up to 122 cm

    Catefory 4 includes all bikes and components that can be used in conditions described under category 1, 2 and 3 as well as in very rough and partially blocked terrain with steeper sections and higher speeds. Regular, moderate jumps pose no problem for experienced riders when using these bikes. Extended and regular use in bike parks and then tackling "North Shore" sections should be avoided. Due to increased stresses, these bikes should be checked for damage after every ride. Full suspension bikes with mid-level travel are typical in this category.