What does PRO10 stand for?

    It was 15 years ago that the PROPAIN Rage, together with the PRO10 suspension system, laid the foundation for PROPAIN as we know it today. At first, Robert Krauss wanted to build the perfect DH bike for himself and his friends. He drew up a list of 10 requirements the suspension system had to fulfil. To this day, that list remains central to the PROPAIN brand and is our recipe for success.

    1. highest drive neutrality
    2. sensitive response
    3. best possible traction
    4. ideal progression to optimise suspension travel and prevent bottoming out
    5. excellent anti-squat values (low energy loss)
    6. high stiffness
    7. favourable force transfer to the main frame (lightweight construction)
    8. strong bearings
    9. low & central centre of gravity
    10. low braking interference