Is it possible to change the wheel size on PROPAIN bikes at a later date?

    The wheel size cannot be adjusted on most models. With the Rage 2 CF and Tyee, however, we offer the option of adapting the geometry to the wheel sizes using a flipchip. On these bikes, you can install either a 29" or a 27.5" rear wheel and switch between full 29 and Mix Wheel. This is also theoretically possible with the Ekano 1 and the Ekano 2 CF, but the wheel circumference in the motor must then be adapted. This can only be done by Shimano/Sram, which is why the bike has to be returned to us.
    The dropouts on the Ekano 1 and Rage 2 CF have to be modified.
    The Yuma can be completely converted from 24" to 26" to adapt it to the body size.