1. Can I buy the Ekano with a bigger battery?
    2. Can I retrofit a larger battery onto my e-bike?
    3. How fast does the e-bike's motor go?
    4. What is the range of a fully charged Shimano BT-8035 (504Wh) battery?
    5. How long does it take to fully charge an e-bike battery?
    6. How many times can the battery be fully charged before it needs to be replaced?
    7. Can anything go wrong if I tune my e-bike myself?
    8. What happens if the motor breaks down on the trail or the battery runs out? Can I also ride the e-bike without electric assistance?
    9. What's the Q-factor of the Shimano crank sets on the EP8 drive unit?
    10. What is the difference between normal components and e-bike components?
    11. Am I allowed to make any modifications and/or repairs to my e-bike and its components?
    12. Can I charge the battery without removing it?
    13. On the aluminum frames, what does the frame colour "Raw" mean?
    14. Is it possible to install a reach adjuster or angle set on my bike?
    1. Do your bikes come fitted with any accessories?
    2. Are the ball bearings on my PRO10 rear triangle well protected?
    3. Do the bikes have a maximum weight limit?
    4. What's the maximum insertion length for the seat post?
    5. Should I order now or wait for the upcoming model?
    6. Where can I find operating instructions, exploded-view drawings and geometry data for all PROPAIN bikes?
    7. Can PROPAIN bikes be used with bike racks and trailers?
    8. How do I know which frame size is right for me?
    9. How do I find what my seat post length should be?
    10. What makes the PROPAIN's PRO10 rear triangle special?
    11. What does PRO10 stand for?
    12. Will my e-bike arrive charged?
    13. For which terrain and which area of use are the PROPAIN bikes approved?
    14. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the 27.5" and 29" and Mix wheels?
    15. How do I remove the battery on my Ekano? What do I need to keep in mind?