How do I collect FRIENDS points?

    FRIEND: You have completed a test ride with a test rider and received a good rating (min. 3 out of 5 stars): 10 points.
    Purchase of a PROPAIN bike: After a test ride with you as FRIEND, a test rider bought a bike because you simply convinced him: 100 points. 

    To do this, the test rider must contact us via FRIENDS contact form and let us know the name of the FRIEND and his bike order number. We will check the purchase and credit the points to the FRIEND after the bike has been shipped and the return period has expired.

    Test rider: You got a good rating (min. 3 out of 5 stars) after a test ride with a FRIEND: 5 points.

    You can redeem your collected points as a test rider when you register as a FRIEND with your own PROPAIN bike. Points are awarded in the same way for a test ride from FRIEND to FRIEND.

    The points in an overview:

    • FRIEND test ride: 10 points
    • FRIEND subsequent bike purchase from the test rider: 100 points
    • Test rider rating: 5 points

    Further interactions will follow within the further development of the app, with which points can be collected. We keep you posted.