If I'm ordering from outside the EU, what do I need to know and how do I get the VAT back?

    A special rule applies to orders placed by customers living outside of the EU. When you select "Shipping", the VAT will be deducted immediately and you'll only have to pay the net amount first. Once the goods have been imported, the applicable taxes, customs duties and all related fees will be due. Your customs office will inform you of the amount due, which you'll have to pay before your bike can be delivered. For information on the UK's special regulations, click here.

    Due to a shortage of staff, no pick ups are possible at the moment.

    As soon as the situation allows for it, you can also pick up the bike from us but you first need to pay the corresponding German VAT. You then will be able to export the bike using the corresponding export certificate. After successfully importing your bike, you will then need to send us back the original export certificate. We recommend sending it by registered mail to ensure that it is delivered safely.