How do I measure the step length / seat post length?

    The adjustable seatpost is probably one of the most ingenious inventions of recent years. In order for it to work optimally on the trail, the correct measurement is crucial. To find the right seat post length, one has to measure the step lenght. Please keep in mind that this is only a recommendation, as the respective seating position depends very much on personal habits and preferences. 


    What you need: 

    • level or book  
    • Folding rule / measuring tape  
    • bike shoes 

    The right seatpost length can be determined primarily by your height, inner leg length, or crotch height. How to measure this correctly, we’ll explain in the following steps. 

    1. To measure your inseam, you only need a suitable measuring tool such as a folding rule or a level. If you don't have a level at home, you can also use a book. 

    2. Take off your house-/road-shoes and wear your current bike shoes. If you are wearing thicker pants, it is preferred to take them off, as they may affect the results. 

    3. If you are using a level, hold it horizontally up between your legs. Alternatively, you can use a book or a catalog. Stand in front of a wall or door so that the measuring tool is parallel to the floor. 

    Important: Do not just hold the spirit level loosely, press it actively into your crotch. This will simulate the pressure applied to the saddle while riding. 

        4. Measure the length from the ground to the top of the level or book. If possible, ask someone to help you read it. 

        5. Write down the value - done! The measured value is your stride length or stride height. 

    To choose your correct seat post length for your corresponding inside leg length, we have created a table for each frame size, which you can find on the following product pages under "seat posts" (bottom of the page):

    Hugene: Propain Hugene 29" Carbon Trail Mountain Bike | Propain Bikes ( 

    Tyee: Tyee CF | Propain Bikes ( 

    Ekano: ⁣Propain Ekano 165mm E-MTB | Propain Bikes (  

    Pro Tip: With the step length you can also find your ideal saddle height - just multiply the measured value in cm (see above) with 0.88.

    Example: Step length = 81cm

    Saddle height: 81cm x 0.88 = 71.28cm

    The distance from crank center to top edge of the saddle is 71.28cm.